Wednesday, 25 February 2015

I Love the Way You......

Hello Friends!  If you still get my feed.  I know I haven't been around very much as of late. Life seems to have taken over and changed directions on me.  Not in a bad way, I've just not been making many cards lately.  I have tons of ideas that never seem to come together.  The card above is one I did just make for my husband to celebrate the day that he asked me to marry him 19 years ago.  :)  Love him still!  I used a digi that I'd stashed away in my printed out file.  I believe it's from Clear Dollar Stamps.  Please correct me if I'm wrong.

I've been spending lots of time with my kids and also making some things from scratch just for fun. :) Below is some homemade cough candies. The kids love them which is good since we've had some coughing going on this winter.  Here's a link to the youtube tutorial if you want to try it yourself.  HERE!

I put lots of icing sugar on them so they didn't stick together.  Mine didn't turn out very pretty, but they still work great!

Some more butter making going on.  I took a pic of the finished product today just to show how much butter I get from one litre/quart of whipping cream.  The leftover buttermilk is delicious in biscuits.  How I'd love to have a cow of my own so that I could make fresh butter more often!  And cheese...I'd love to learn how to do that!  But for now I am thankful the Lord has provided what he has for us.

I've been also taking more time to look at the world around me.  This past week I was out waiting for my smokies to cook on the BBQ...yes you heard that right it was actually warm enough to BBQ this past week.  We even made it up to 13C which is 55.5F.  Anyhow, below is what I seen up in the sky and thought it was worthy of a picture.  God is so good and I'm surrounded by his creation.  As of late with all the warmth, the squirrels have emerged en mass! Wow, I just can't believe how many there are and how energetic to!  We've been watching them chasing each other around the property from morning till night. LOL  Quite the distraction when there's other things to be done.

Thanks for dropping by and letting me share a bit of my life with you.
Praying you have a beautiful day!

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

The Promise of New Life

Hello Friends!  Thought I'd take a pic of my hyacinth bulb that is starting to grow.  I just love the new life that springs forth from bulbs. :)  I watch with anticipation for each new development.
It's that way spiritually to.  As I read more of God's Word (KJV) then I find that I am growing along with it.  I'm always excited to see what the Lord has for me and even though much of it challenges me, that's what makes me grow.  To turn from evil and do what is good.  To become more and more like my Saviour the Lord Jesus Christ.  Precious are all the little developments that come.

I have also been making mittens.  These are from a new pattern and I really love it! I made two sets for my boys even though there's a bit of purple in them.  So not totally boyish, but I thought they'd pass.  Then I sewed in some fleece liners to keep them toasty while out playing in the snow.
So Just a couple of thins I've been doing.  It's super warm today as we're having a chinook here in the Yukon.  So the snow is melting and dripping from the trees.  
Have a beautiful day!

Monday, 29 December 2014

Warm Woolies!

Hi Friends! Me again. hehehe I know I've been quiet and now I'm dumping three posts in a row. LOL
Well, what can I say I got inspired. :)
Here I have a pair of warm woolie mittens that I sewed.  The blue wool is from an old felted sweater and then I had some brand new soft grey fleece that I cut out and sewed inside.  They aren't shaped perfectly, but they are very warm and at least I'll know what is left and what is right! LOL

Here is a pic of the beautiful sunshine we saw a couple of days ago.  It's been so overcast most of the time that the sunshine is very much enjoyed!  Hope you all enjoy the last moments of this year.  :)

A Quaint Little Set

Hello! I've another sweet little set to share with you all.  It's made with another set of images from Ephemera's Vintage Garden.  I think these sunflower and chicken images are so quaint.  I love the overlapping stamping.
I used some sweet My Mind's Eye papers and some satin black ribbon.  They're simple but will be easily mailed.
Enjoy peeking at them. Hope you have a wonderful crafty day!

A Lovely Set

Hello Crafty Friends!  I must say that I truly enjoyed making some cards again.   I had printed out these delightful images form Ephemera's Vintage Garden awhile back and am just now using them.  they're so beautiful and if you have the time to pop over and check out the wonderful things she creates!  HERE! 
I created a lovely little set of cards that I'll give as a gift sometime.  Hope you enjoy scrolling down to look at them.
I'm sharing them with Word Art Wednesday this week.

Hope you have a lovely day! as this year comes to a close.

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Crocheting Sewing Moments

Hi Ladies!
Sorry to say I've not been doing much card making lately.  But I have been doing lots of other things. I found a flannel duvet and made it into sheets for my boys beds.  I made an apron for baking.  Then I made a baby girl blanket with some leftover yarn in my stash.  I'm not expecting but thought it would be I have to find someone who needs one. :)  Then today just for fun I made myself a hat so I'd have an extra incase my regular one gets too wet to use.  I made one just like it for a friend and liked the pattern so much I decided to use the same one.

My daughter says the blanket reminds her of Neapolitan ice cream. LOL  The pictures for some reason didn't pick up the pink very well.  It's much deeper in person.

I had just enough brown yard to make the scalloped edge.

And yes, this is me. I dislike pics of myself, but thought I might as well model this because it's mine.

I had my sweet daughter model this for me tonight.  It's called a newsboy hat.  The yard is acrylic and wool so it'll be nice and warm for outings this winter.

I think I'll be sharing this hat also... everyone seems to like it. :)

Thanks for dropping by! I haven't forgotten about all of you and pray that you are enjoying your crafting time.  The Lord has been keeping me busy caring for my family and I am enjoying it very much!  I absolutely love being a mom and homemaker.

Have a beautiful day!

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

A Set from Bits of This and That

Hi Crafty Friends! Today I have a set of cards to share with you that I've created for my sweet Mother-in-law for her birthday.  They are all simple, and yet I hope she finds them charming. Sorry the light off to the left of the pics is a bit bright, but that's all I had at the time.  All of the cards are made with misc sentiment stamps that I dug out of my stash, and bits of this and that. All the card bases are by Mind's Eye.
Life has been so full of wonderful things.  I shall share some of my children's creations at some point that we've been working on.  I love that my girls are so creative, and we can share my crafty spot.  The Lord has been SO good to me!  Each day holds a treasure and I'm so glad that the Lord is constantly teaching us through His Word and that we are able to be able to serve him in all that we say and do.
Praying that you are all well.  Do take a couple minutes to scroll down and check out the cards that I put together.  If you also have an extra minute do let me know what one is your favourite. :)